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Author: Chris

erickson-150x150Hello, my name is Chris Erickson.  I am a designer (soon to be architect) in Austin, Texas.  I graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor degree in architecture.  I have also done 95% of the work/hours towards a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary (which will be completed ASAP, Lord willing).  Politically, I am a Christian Democrat.  In America this can be a confusing thing to say, because it doesn’t mean that I am a Democrat that is also a Christian.  It means that I believe in something called Christian Democracy.  It also means that I am generally conservative on cultural issues and progressive on economic issues.  Unfortunately, we in America are forced to pick between the lesser of two evils, either Republicans or Democrats.  Both, in my judgment, are “evil” in different ways.  If I vote for Democrats, more babies will die (because of abortion).  If I vote for Republicans, more adults will die (because of lack of health insurance — indeed, my own mother died directly because of lack of health insurance; and no, things like cancer are NOT treated for free in our emergency rooms).  Because of this quandary, and because the American system is rigged against political competition for the Ds and the Rs, some politically like-minded friends and I have started what we are calling a ‘political union’ that is called the Christian Democratic Union.  I am the chairman of that nascent political union.

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