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Union Leaders v. the People

While I am still a huge fan of Ezekiel Emanuel’s health care plan, it is clearly not on the radar screen of Congress (at least in whole). The best health care legislation currently on offer is the Wyden-Bennett bill. Unfortunately, it suffers from the same problem as the Emanuel plan… it gets rid of the need for employer-based health insurance. Who has a problem with this? Not me. My super-Democrat, big time OCAW-man, father would not have had any problem with such a separation at all. But one group, UNION LEADERS, have a problem with it (those that have the ears of Democratic leaders). It removes one of the main reasons for their fight. Sure, it is because their constituents would have won the fight. But all of us would have won. God forbid. It seems that the AFL-CIO and other union leaders have abandoned the movement for the people in favor of the people leading the movement, themselves. Mob-like behavior to be sure.

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